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Piano Pieces by Steve Allen Songbook -- Hal Leonard Edition
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Despite his long-standing success as composer/lyricist the present collection of piano pieces will probably be an eye-opener, even for particular admirers of his music, in that it consists not of songs for the popular market but purely instrumental numbers created for the keyboard. It should come as no surprise that the composer does such work because it has already been demonstrated that he can create practically any kind of music known to western culture. While his two favorite types of composition seem to involve melodic ballads and Big Band jazz of the Basie-Ellington-Benny Goodman school, he has also written hundreds of Latino numbers, pop novelties, rock, Dixieland material, film themes, marches, even a certain amount of legitimate music of the classical genre. "Oddly enough", Allen now recalls, "the very first music I ever wrote -- before I even got to the pop-song area -- consisted of simple little piano pieces. The reason was that this was the sort of thing that all beginning players are taught, in childhood. Little things like Tweedle-Dee and Tweedle-Dum". It is now clear, looking back, that although Allen is a successful and popular pianist his true musical gift is indeed for the art of composition. Nothing makes the point clearer than this collection of piano instrumentals. Includes the songs: Angel Bells, Dance of the Elves, Dance of the Hummingbirds, Dreamtime Again, Here We Are In The Morning, Keep Telling Me, Melting Brook, The Melting of the Icicles, Mysterioso, oriental Boy, Piperís Dance, Ripples in a Pool, Rolling A Hoop, Running Water, Sambarini, See the Fairies Dancing by the Moonís First Light, Tribute to Bill Evans, Try a little laughter, The Waltz of the Wind in the Willows, Whippoorwill, and Wind from China.