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Frankie Randall Sings Steve Allen -- CD
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Steve Allen on Frankie Randall: To say that I am honored that Frankie chose to record 13 of my songs for this, his eight album, is an understatement. Most of the scores of vocalists who over the years have recorded my music have tended to concentrate on the better known numbers, but Frank was interested only in quality. As a result the present package consists chiefly of new material. Frankie did every number as written, with the exception of the opener “The Time of My Life”, a ballad that he elected to do up-tempo. After my initial surprise, I realized he had made a wise choice. “The Things We Never Got to Do” There are thousands of songs in which the singer laments the loss of particular happy experiences. In this song the disappointed lover also misses what would have been the glories of his future had the love relationship lasted. “I Called Today” is more modern, even in the technology the lyrics refers to. “Hopelessly” Its style is of the late twenties, early thirties, Russ Columbo’s period. “One Little Thing” is what I call a suicide song-a ballad expressing the profound depression only a broken love affair can cause. As for “Kiss Me With A Smile”, it makes a moral point in drawing the distinction between romance and simple sex. “Don’t Cry Little Girl” may be interpreted as sung by a father to his daughter. Harmonically it’s particularly interesting in that it starts in one key and ends in another. On “You Love Me”, by way of contrast, Frankie plays the confident lover, predicting imminent good news. “Everybody Seems to Know I Love You” is a deliberate throw-back to the romantic style of the thirties and forties, with a lush, sweeping melody. In “You’re Something”, the lover feels emotion so strong, he’s at a loss for words. “Dream Girl” is the love ballad from the “Al Chemist Show”, which starred Georgia Brown.